Understanding Pip Value in Forex Trading: A Comprehensive Guide


Many friends have asked me why when you profit a pair with the same number of points but the amount of return varies between currency pairs, this problem always seems to repeat itself to new traders, or sometimes experienced traders who do not understand the value of pips. So in this section I will share the concepts and calculation of pip value in Forex trading.

Okay, let’s get into the concept first:

A “pip,” an acronym for “percentage point” or “price interest point,” represents the smallest price movement in the exchange rates of currency pairs. This guide delves into the essence of pip value, how it is calculated, and its importance in forex trading, equipping you with the knowledge to manage risk and optimize your trading strategy effectively.

What are Pips in Forex Trading?

A pip is the standard unit of measurement used to represent the change in value between two currencies. For the majority of currency pairs, one pip corresponds to the fourth decimal place of the quote. But it should be noted, one pip of each base currency value will be different, for example the Japanese Yen will be different from the USD, or the CAD will be different, it depends on the quote currency.

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How is the Pip Value determined?

The pip value changes based on the currency pair being traded, the trade size (lot size), and the current exchange rate. Understanding how pip value is calculated is critical to effective risk management and estimating potential profits or losses.

Lot size in forex trading

  • Standard lot: Represents 100,000 units of the base currency.
  • Mini Lot: Includes 10,000 units of base currency.
  • Micro Lot: Includes 1,000 units of base currency.

Pip Value Calculation: Step by Step Guide

To calculate the value of one pip for your trade, use the formula:

Pip value = (pip size / exchange rate) × lot sizePip value = (pip size / exchange rate) × lot size

For example, if trading one standard lot of EUR/USD with an exchange rate of 1.1050, the pip value calculation would look like this:

Pip value = (0.0001/1.1050) × 100,000Pip value = (0.0001/1.1050) × 100,000

This formula will give you the pip value in the quote currency, in this case, the US dollar.

Why is it so important to know the pip value?

Embracing the concept of pip value is imperative for forex traders to manage trading risk and forecast potential profits or losses related to currency price movements. By understanding pip values, traders can better decide which trade size suits their risk management strategy and financial goals.

If you are still struggling, please review the article: Forex calculator is introduced right on this page to understand in a more intuitive way!


The concept of pip value is the foundation of forex trading. By mastering how pip values are calculated and interpreted, traders can enhance the decision-making process, manage risk more effectively, and increase profit potential in the dynamic forex market. Remember, every successful trader’s strategy includes a deep understanding of pip values and their impact on trading results.

David Easton
David Easton

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